How To Style A Coffee Table Like A Pro

How To Style A Coffee Table Like A Pro

Posted by del Hutson Designs on Dec 29th 2017

Come in, kick off your boots and relax. You might even want to prop your feet up on the coffee table. Hey- that’s what it’s there for right? A coffee table needs to be both inviting and functional. Paired with a comfy couch, these two are the workhorses of the family room (lest we forget the big screen). Flip through any home magazine and you will see that the coffee tables probably don’t look quite like yours at home. No unsightly remotes, tabloids, homework folders or water rings to be found. (del) Hutson Designs is here to help you style your coffee table so it would be right at home in a design magazine.

Let’s start with the base - the coffee table. You can go big or small, wood, metal or glass. Really the possibilities are endless. So many choices, yet we had a hard time finding the perfect fit. So we made one ourselves. Since reclaimed wood is our thing we made our coffee table out of 100% reclaimed barnwood. We love the way the rustic chic wood blends with most room types, both modern and traditional.

Now that you have the right measurements for finding the perfect coffee for your home, let’s get to styling the top of that perfect coffee table. An ideal coffee table arrangement is both functional and stylish. Yes, you need to be able to find the remote but you don’t necessary want to look at it all the time. One great way to corral all your coffee table goodies is to place them on a tray. A tray is also a great design trick because you can easily move it to another location if you need the coffee table for another use, like game night.

When it comes to styling your coffee table three is the Magic Number. Ask any designer and they are likely to tell you one of their favorite tricks is the rule of three. Three is considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. More simplistically, three of anything is most pleasing to the eye. Stack three of your favorite coffee table books on the table. (del) Hutson Designs likes to add some organic elements to the table too. So three things created in nature like a small plant, geode and a piece of driftwood. You could also put three candlesticks in the same colors but different shapes and sizes grouped together. How about displaying three of your favorite coasters? They really can be their own works of art. Don’t forget to add a pretty box to hide unsightly remotes and voila – a chic coffee table!